Baobhan Sith, Vampiric Fairies

A baobhan sith is a part of the Scottish mythology. It is often associated with banshee and Ieanan sidhe. They are vampiric fairies. They are called the White Woman by people who live on Highlands. This creature trick men with their beautiful faces. They will dance in front of the men with seductive moves until those men fell into sleep due to exhaustion. The Vampire fairy will then feed on their blood. It can be killed with a cold iron like most of the vampires.

The History of the Baobhan Sith
The Baobhan sith has both the characteristic of the fairies and a vampire. It has the beauty of a fairy usually wearing a green or a white dress. It has an enchanting ability to lure male travelers or hunters. It is known for its blood sucking nature which is a trait of the vampiric creature.
There is a popular Scottish tale about The Baobhan Sith. A group of young male hunters went out and spent their night outside with a make shift tent. After some time the group of hunters felt so bored that th…