Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev: Russian Serial Killer

Alexander Spesivtsev is a Russian serial killer responsible for the death of more than 19 individuals and feeding on some of them. The court later ruled out that he was psychologically unfit to stand the trial and was ordered to undergo a mental treatment into a mental institution.

The Story of the Russian Serial Killer: Alexander Spesivtsev

Alexander Spesivtsev, who was 27 year old at that time made it a responsibility to murder those children who were deemed to be harmful to the society. He was said to be the culprit to the Russian serial murder of at least 19 street children whom he took to his home and cooked them.

During the time that he was committing the Russian serial of murder, he was unemployed and has a record of mental problems. The police did not take him as a suspect at first; it was only when he decided to discard the body at a nearby river when police started suspecting him. However, since the victims are street children and they were receiving no complains, the random disappearances were taken lightly by the police. If only they have taken the report of Spevitsev’s neighbor, they could’ve been able to save more lives. His neighbor was complaining about a disgusting stench and loud music coming from his house.

The police decided to ignore the said complainants and thought that it is a matter of cleanliness and that the report should be handled by the civil service. If only they took the matter seriously, they would be able to discover that a young girl was murdered in that place in 1991. And prevent the Russian serial killer from committing other crimes.

After a year of complaining, the police decided to investigate and they found the body of a 13 year old girl named Olga. She has a multiple stabbed wounds and was barely breathing. Before she passed away, she told the police that they helped the Russian Serial killer carried bags to his home. Upon further inspection, the true horror was discovered by the authority. They found remains of the victims inside the bathroom with their head decapitated. They also found 80 clothing stained with blood believed to be owned by his victims.


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