Ker (singular of Keres) was said to be the vampiric spirit of the deceased person who was able to escape the funeral jar where she was buried.  They were said to be women with horrible faces, wearing a red robe to cover their dark skin.  They also have wings that is colored black and a white nails and fangs.

A Quick Look at the Vampiric Creature Keres

The Keres are also under the strict control of the Fates, where they kill only those people who are permitted to kill. The Keres were said to unleash a horrifying scream, which is believed to be the signal of their hunt. They will then dive down on the battle field and feed on the blood of the dying warrior. The souls of those warriors are also taken away from their bodies.  These vengeful spirit are also known to spread diseases and take control of the body of a warrior during a battle. Legends say that the Olympian Gods and Goddesses would stand guard on the battle field to keep away the Keres from their favorite warrior.

To keep away a Ker from someone’s house, a tar was usually painted on the door way.  They said that if a Ker enters a house with a painted tar, the tar would stick on their body and the Ker would be trapped on the door way.  Destroying a ker involves chanting incantations and performing rituals.

In the Iliad of Homer, a three day ritual was performed on March 4 in honor of the keres and to prevent them from attacking.  The ritual was called Anthesteria.


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