There have been various reports of sightings of a shadow man. The shadow man always appears like a silhouette of a human that is usually seen on the rear eye view. They have been a part of the folklores of different countries all over the world.

The History of the Shadowmen

Depending on the country, a shadowman might appear as a malevolent spirit, a restless soul or a guide of the soul to the netherworld. The shadowman became an inspiration to some of the fiction stories like the twilight zone and The Eye.

In some instances, the shadow man is depicted as a man wearing a black coat and a wide tap hat. There were also incidents when he was described as just a blurred image of a man wearing dark clothing. But in every event, the shadowmen’s face cannot be distinguished. It seems like his facial features has been blurred or completely covered with dark images.

There is also a shadowman that attacks people. In some cases they were said to suck the life out of their victims but in most cases,  Shadowmen  were said to be a ghost. It can be a ghost of a dearly departed warning his loved ones that something unfortunate will happen soon. It can also be a ghost of anyone who has an unfinished business in the walking life, which is why he cannot depart. It is believed that once the face of a ghost is beyond recognizable, people have already forgotten his or her identity.

It is also sometime called as “The Hat Man”. The Hat Man is said to found delight in scaring and frightening people.


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