The Darkling; Causing a Zombified Demon

The spirits that possess that ends up a person as a zombified demon is called a Darkling. It has always been named as such since 1800’s. They usually target the innocent victim by making them act things that they don’t usually do.   There are also accounts about darklings possession that hurt their families or commit murder.

The Beliefs about The Darkling

Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau said that Darklings are evil thoughts of good people that they do not act. The evil thoughts manifested and became a Darkling.

There were beliefs that the Darkling penetrate an individual through its mouth. After the creature managed to enter his mouth, the person would start to become a zombified demon. He would no longer be in control of his own body. Marie Laveau has histories of fighting with this creature. It was said that she used some type of magical powder made from monkey, red brick and other secret ingredients that is proven effective to ward of the darklings.

Small children especially those in the ages of 3-9 are known to see the darklings. For unknown reason the darkling appears to be vulnerable on lights. Experts on voodoo claimed that a darkling would immediately hide in the presence of a light. They are known to hide on child’s toys and closets which made the children vulnerable to their attack.

People who possess the gift of psychic claimed that they can see the presence of the darkling as a sparkling element in the darkness.


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